Welcome to DiPietro Digital Marketing!

Before you hire a digital marketing agency to help grow your business, you want to ask…


  1. Tailored to YOUR business : Are they a cookie cutter service or do they offer customized solutions?
  2. Experience: Have they been in the digital marketing industry for at least 10 years?
  3. Real marketing results: Are campaign goals data driven and focused on getting customers to take action?

Meet Debra DiPietro, Founder and CEO of DiPietro Digital Marketing:

Debra began her digital marketing career 12 years ago when she started blogging about getting a good night’s sleep and discovered social media as an effective way to promote her writing projects.

Success Magazine in 2015 recognized Debra’s blog, The Warm Milk Journal as one of the top health and wellness sites on the internet.

At one point, Debra’s Twitter account, @warmmilkjournal, had the most followers and engagement for any Twitter account based out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Debra’s success as a blogger led her to publish a beautiful book, Short Morning Prayers, with well-known Boulder, Colorado publisher Blue Mountain arts. To date, more than 22,000 copies have been sold.

Debra has spent the last decade managing social media and running digital ad campaigns for employers and clients from a variety of industries including automotive, dental, fine art, video production, game apps, and finance.

Debra has a passion for helping business owners connect with their perfect customers and clients through customized marketing that results in action ( actual phone calls, feet in the doors of brick and mortar businesses, forms submitted on websites) etc. She will work tirelessly to find the right digital ad platforms to run campaigns for her client’s products and services.

A teacher at heart, Debra is happy to take the time and consult with her clients and guide them to the best SEO, social media, website, and digital advertising strategies that will help them grow their business.

A few words from Debra DiPietro, Founder and SEO of DiPietro Digital Marketing